Dutch Hood Canopy

The model hood canopy is a system of fast very decorative assembly and that grants to its home or establishment to him a touch of elegance and enchantment. You overturn them are possible to be made with 2, 3, 4 or 5 arcs, according to prefers. Ideal awnings for windows.

Modular Tent

Create its own space of shades where it needs it, with the possibility of disassembling it and of transferring it to another location if it were necessary.

Blinds Awnings

Complementary system for flat awnings like closing and with all the utilities of a vertical awning. The stay is, with this type of awning, more intimate and pleasant.

Option of lateral guides to improve the watertightness

Option of window in PVC transparent or with squares

Canvas Pool

Canvas designed to conserve water and swimming pools to prevent accidents from falls of water or smaller pets.

Folding Arms

The folding arms model or of articulated arms admits great dimensions and the possibility of graduating different inclination, has a pleasant aesthetic and arms are anchored to the ceiling or wall.

Option of coffer for canvas protection

Sunstructure Awnings

Ideal for large areas, very easy to open and close thanks to the guides on the awning that slides. Provides a shade similar to that of a roof with the advantage of being able to close in low light days. There are endless possibilities to adapt this type of awning: between walls, with or without structure, etc.

Shadow Breeze

Subjection in facade for the application in places without ceiling, like windows or doors. The tension provides to the awning a greater stability and resistance to the wind as the awning is lowered.

Option of coffer for canvas protection


Awning with arms for exclusive use of balconies. It is used two types of fixations on the railing:

1 - Awning: inclined

2 - Drop curtain: in vertical

Option of coffer for canvas protection


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